Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sail them....

Making paper boats. ....folds after folds mom finished it to my ecstasy and allowed me to redo it through the folds.Newspapers reborn as boats.
We sent the boats to save ants in rain......many boarded successfully ..... most of them were smashed between our fingers......lucky ones put in to relief camps made of match boxes near the wall.....It was a class mate who suggested 'the pages from dictionary make better boats than newspaper' .Running in rain to save a sinking boat ....

The monsoon hit Kerala one month back and I'm stuck here in a desert (Errr..... not actually , the mercury rises a bit high sometimes and the rain seldom shows up, thats it )nearby....... but now all set to make new boats (news paper or dictionary ? confused) and sail them this weekend.

image courtesy:mcvegalt


Sonu said...

me first!!!
'm happy that you are back...but i guess you changed your writing style..never mind..keep writing ..i still remembr our paper boat days..
Love you sis.
god bless u..

अनिल कान्त : said...

so u r back
well...happy to know this

Randeep said...

Oops, me too luv paper boats. I used to make it during our btech exams. I assure you question paper is the best. :)

Nice one.


BaKfIrE said...

Yup rain is here and so i took 10 days off and came to kerala to enjoy it :):). But if you are lamenting about Chennai, i say you are missing the beat of this magnificent complacent city. If you have bike take a ride around 5 in the morning thru ECR (till Mahabhalipuram and come back). I havent found anything which is even remotely comparable.
~Btw i am not a tamilian :P

Indrani said...

Boats made with paper from dictionary?
Have plentiful and bountiful rains!

Bhavya.B said...

@ Sonu @ Anil Kant
:-) Thank you

@ Randeep
Question papers...Oh...you could have told me this two years ago.


Hope u had a great monsoon time in kerala.The ECR experience ...I'll look forward to that.

@ Indrani
Thank you ..